This is the no-rules bar

Rockers start living after the rest of us leave work. Hence, we meet Vlado Jackuliak, General Manager, at Barrock before five o´clock in the afternoon. He unlocks an entrance of a newly refurbished facility and invites us in.

Vlado has already experienced a lot in the culinary sector, he has been working in services for 20 years. “It is soft rock sometimes, otherwise hardcore,” he describes his work. And sometimes it is a traditional folklore – Vlado used to dance in an ensemble when he was younger, which he is still proud of. “I was also invited to play the shepherd’s pipe in one restaurant where I used to work. There was one guest from Norway, a huge folklore fan. So I was blowing,” he recalls.

He guides us through three parts of the facility – Heaven, Earth and Hell.


Heaven is the upper floor – the greatest chill, one bartender, leather armchairs. One lounge for few people at the very back, a place to hole up.

There is neon all over there, motorbike lights, legendary golden records  – Prince, Queen, Rolling Stones…honest limited editions, no fakes. Accompanied by furniture sprayed all over, a wall made of speakers with angel´s wing above, an anarchy symbol scribbled nearby.

We notice that there is a porch through the window. We wonder how do they get on with their neighbours taking into account the wilderness that often happens here. “There are offices, so when they leave work, we start,” he explains.


Earth – a front part at the street level – it has a cymbal ceiling, a beer crate bar and an absolutely epic photo corner. There is a great illuminated motorbike: instead of a headlight, it has a skull with red eyes and behind there is a huge illuminated Barrock logo.

You can find there a beautiful retro Jukebox. Moreover, the entire facility is newly sounded so that it could handle even more decibels and new alcohol is in offer, as well.

Thematic bars sometimes suffer from their decoration. Usually it is either a kitsch, overdone or underdone. However, this does not apply for the new Barrock. You can feel a work of an architect, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll all over there. It was under reconstruction from the end of February to April with one truck full of material coming and leaving with full of waste every day for the last three weeks.


We are entering the Hell, as we are notified by the neon sign. “This is a place for a wild fun. No rules.“ A new stage for bands was added – one a month there is a live music in the club. We discuss one recent event, when a group of musician was playing an IMT Smile cover version and coincidentally, Ivan Tásler was sitting on the terrace. Musicians and artists often come here to have fun.

There is a special bar in Hell – with dancing poles. Vlado recalls one story, when a guest wearing a Maja bee costume started to dance on this bar, she slipped and as she was falling down Vlado was about to call an ambulance. But she stood up and dancing ran into the crowd having fun as if nothing had happened.

He shows us other new thing – craft drinks in a barrel: “They are our own drinks, blended by our Barrock bar team in cooperation with Tomáš Holc. So far, this is not being offered anywhere in Slovakia, I wonder who would be inspired as the first one.”


A barrel volume is almost 5 litres, so if a greater strong group arrives, they can have blended such gigantic drink and tap it by themselves at the table.  “But also a waitress can tap it directly to your throat if you wish so,” Vlado laughs.

Fight club

We break the first two rules of the Fight Club, but we must tell you about it. Vlado explains the point: “We have many strong guys going here at night, they drink a lot. So let them put the energy away! We have created a space for them. There’s a boxing bag, arm wrestling table, and a pear that measures  strength of a punch. There they may exhaust.”

But don´t be fooled – it is a place not only for guys. One evening, there was a group of English backpackers punching to the pear all night. Their top score was 870. However, a waitress who punched for 950 beat them all.

Vlado shows us their painted toilets – something that no manager would be pleased with. Except for Vlado. “I am glad that they had started. We prepared them some markers,” he shows us.

After about an hour’s visit we leave Barrock. We cannot wait for the Sun to set – colourful neon and special drinks make this place and ideal spot and unforgettable night ride. Come and try the rock lifestyle to the bar where no rules apply.